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Land management works

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Land management work on the formation of a map (plan) of a land management object is carried out in such cases as the establishment, clarification of the boundaries of the territory of municipalities, settlements, territorial zones and zones with special conditions for the use of territories (including protected zones of linear objects, protected zones of historical monuments and culture, sanitary protection zones).

Map (plan) of the object

A map (plan) of a land management object is a document that graphically displays the location, size, boundaries of a land management object, the boundaries of parts of a land management object that are limited in use, as well as the placement of real estate objects that are firmly connected to the land. When creating new and ordering existing land management objects, maps (plans) of land management objects are drawn up. A map (plan) of a land management object is drawn up using information from the state land cadastre, available cartographic material, remote sensing materials, as well as measurements obtained when photographing a land management object on the ground or during its land surveying. The map (plan) of the land management object is used when drawing its boundaries on the corresponding duty cadastral map (plan).

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