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Engineering and geodetic survey

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Engineering and geodetic surveys are carried out in three stages: preparatory, field and office.

Preparatory stage

At the beginning of the preparatory stage, we receive the technical scope or work and prepare the contractual (contract) documentation. Then, the collection and processing of materials from engineering surveys of previous years for the survey area, as well as topographic and geodetic, cartographic, aerial photography and other materials and data held in their own or state funds, is carried out. Further, a program of engineering and geodetic surveys is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s technical specifications, taking into account the dangerous natural and man-made conditions of the territory.

Field stage

At the field stage, our specialists carry out a reconnaissance survey of the territory, a complex of field work, as well as the necessary computational and other work on the preliminary processing of the received materials and data to ensure control of their quality, completeness and accuracy.

Final stage​

At the final stage — cameral — the final processing of field materials and data with an assessment of the accuracy of the results, information on objects necessary for the design and construction, elements of the situation and terrain, on underground and aboveground facilities with their technical characteristics and on dangerous natural and man-made processes is being performed.

Geodetic maintenance of construction

After completing all the necessary work, we draw up and transmit to the customer a technical report with the necessary annexes based on the results of the performed engineering and geodetic surveys.


  • composing a construction geodetic control network (layout)
  • setting out of basic or main laying out axes of buildings and structures
  • geodetic control of the accuracy of the geometric parameters of buildings and structures during construction
  • monitoring the deformations of the footing of buildings and structures, the earth’s surface and rock mass in the development areas with hazardous natural and techno-natural processes, including when performing local monitoring of the construction area
  • geodetic works during equipment installation

Based on the materials of the executive survey, we draw up the following executive geodetic documentation:

  • executional schemes for construction members and parts of buildings and structures
  • as-built drawings for underground utility systems
  • as-built drawings for overhead utilities
  • as-built drawings of the master plan


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