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Mine-surveying work

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Mine surveying is a branch of mining science and engineering, the subject of which is the study, on the basis of field measurements and subsequent geometric constructions of the deposit structure, the shape and size of geological bodies in the earth’s depths, the placement of useful and harmful (for processing technology) components in it, the properties of the enclosing rocks, spatial the location of workings, the processes of deformation of rocks and the earth’s surface in connection with mining operations, as well as a reflection of the dynamics of the production process of a mining enterprise.

In this area, our company provides the following services:

  • mine surveying support for mining operations
  • spatial and geometric measurements of mining and underground structures, determination of their parameters, location and compliance with design documentation
  • monitoring the state of mining allotments and justifying their boundaries
  • maintanance of the mining graphic documentation
  • accounting and justification of the mining volume
  • determination of hazardous areas and measures to protect mining, buildings, structures and natural objects from the impact of work related to the use of subsoil
  • prospecting of a new deposits of construction sands, organization and control of the geological exploration (drilling, geophysics, sampling, calculation of reserves)
  • conducting mine surveying documentation on existing quarries
  • designing of the mining enterprises
  • development and practical assistance in a coordination of the resource development projects (open and underground methods)
  • preparation of a sections for the mining-engineering recultivation
  • preparation of a mining allotment plan
  • preparation of a mining development plan
  • preparation of a package of documents required for obtaining a special permit for the use of subsoil (license), providing practical assistance in obtaining
  • engineering support of mining works
  • assistance in the analysis of investments of mining enterprises and prospecting of required mineral deposits

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