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Engineering and geological survey

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Engineering and geological surveys for construction are carried out at various stages of drawing up documentation and in accordance with the customer’s specifications.


The purpose of the survey is to assess the engineering and geological conditions of the construction site and to obtain soil characteristics in the field of interaction of the designed structures with the geological environment, as well as to obtain initial data for the development of measures to protect building structures from aggressive environmental influences.

Survey tasks

— study of physical and geological conditions, geological structure, hydrogeological conditions, basic physical and mechanical properties of soils, chemical composition of groundwater and corrosiveness of soils. To accomplish the assigned tasks, the following types of work are performed:

Drilling is carried out with

the UGB-1VS well rig by percussion system of drilling with 146 mm diameter of a ring bottom with total core taking. During the drilling process, wells are documented, soil and groundwater samples are taken for laboratory research and analyses, and groundwater level is also monitored. The selection of monoliths was carried out by a push sampler with an outer diameter of 127 mm. The selection of soil samples is carried out in accordance with the requirements of  the GOST. Soil samples for determining the physical and mechanical characteristics are selected by the point method, to determine the corrosion properties — by the furrow method.


Laboratory tests of soils are carried out in compliance with the requirements of  the GOST 12071-2000, GOST 12536-79, GOST 25584-90, GOST 9.602-05. The classification of soils is adopted in accordance with the GOST 25100-95.

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