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Cadastral works

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PC «GEO» carries out the whole range of cadastral works, as a result of which the preparation of documents (land-surveying and technical plans) containing necessary information of real estate objects (land plots, buildings, structures, premises, construction in progress) is provided for cadastral registration. Also, services are provided directly for the state cadastral registration of the real estate, the result of which is the receipt of cadastral passports for the real estate objects.

Land surveying of a land plot

Land surveying of a land plot is work on geodetic measurement of a plot, fixing its boundaries at the terrain, determining the area and location and processing the data obtained.

If there is no information about the object in the USRN database, you will not receive full rights to the site, that is, you will not be able to:
  • neither sell,
  • nor exchange,
  • nor donate,
  • nor lease your site.

To get this opportunity, you need to register your rights to the real estate. And for this, in turn, it is necessary to conduct a land survey.


In addition, there is one more nuance: property tax is calculated based on the cadastral value of land. Therefore, if the site is not registered, a lot of difficulties arise when taxing it.


Land surveying and preparation of a land survey plan will help resolve these issues.


Land survey plan is a document that is prepared based on the results of land surveying. It reflects all the information received and data from the unified state register of real estate.

You will need it to solve a number of land issues, for example:

  1. registration of a new land plot,
  2. clarification of the land plot boundaries,
  3. correction of the cadastral errors.
  4. subdivision of the land plot,
  5. redistribution of land plots;
  6. consolidation of land plots, etc.

The land survey plan consists of 2 parts: graphic and text. It is certified by the signature and seal of the cadastral engineer.

We offer professional services:

  • official license for geodetic work and drawing up cartographic plans;
  • 3 teams of professional surveyors with certified modern equipment;
  • a team of cadastral engineers with over 5 years of experience;
  • attendance at a convenient time for you, including on weekends and holidays.

For more information, call: 8 (4842) 57-02-46.

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