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Forest management works

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Forest management is a set of measures to accounting of the available forest fund and system development of measures to forestry on the basis of single scientific and technical policy for Russia. The main tasks of forest management include the collection of versatile information on forest resources and the state of forests, the creation and updating of a database on the forest fund and forest resources, ensuring the on-farm organization of the forest fund, drawing up documents on forest inventory and accounting, forest maps, determining the scientifically grounded size of sustainable use various forest resources, control over the implementation of projects for the organization and development of forestry, control over forest use.

Based on forest management materials for each specific forestry enterprise, reserve, national park, etc. a project is created for the organization and management of forestry, for a period, depending on various conditions, from 10 to 20 years (as a rule, for 10 years). In accordance with the current forest legislation, the presence of this project is a prerequisite for forestry and forest management, as well as the basis for the appointment of forestry activities and forest management planning. Based on the forest management materials (taking into account the changes that have occurred since the last changes in the forest management), the state registration of the forest fund is periodically carried out throughout Russia.

We carry out the whole range of forest management works

  • Designing forestry and forest parks;
  • Designing of production forests, protective forests, reserve forests, as well as especially protective forest areas;
  • Designing of forest areas;
  • Fixing at the terrain locations of the boundaries of forestries, forest parks, commercial forests, protective forests, reserve forests, especially protective forest areas and forest plots;
  • Forest estimation;
  • Designing practices for the protection, security and reproduction of forests.

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